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De Raëliaanse Beweging

Online conference - ET Embassy

woensdag 03 april 2019 - 15:00:00
Online conference - ET Embassy on April 3rd, 9PM

Why an Embassy for an ET civilisation?

We would like to invite you to open your mind and imagine the world we are living in today... Technological progress is accelerating and we are also exploring space and even consider to create ecosystems on other planets.

We Raelian’s believe, due to information passed directly to Rael, (founder of the Raelian Movement) that this scientific human creation has been done before here on earth in large laboratories such as the "the garden of Eden"

Our current level of science and technology allow us to understand our true origins: life on earth is the fruit of the creations of human scientists

The Elohim, the gods in the Bible, have asked Rael to build an Embassy on where they can officially return, in the presence of all the great prophets of age. Are you ready too for the greatest day in the history of humanity?

If you are interested, feel free to join in : simpy login here

More Info : Online conference - ET Embassy