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De Raëliaanse Beweging

Online Conference : What is Paradism?

dinsdag 03 december 2019 - 19:00:00
Time: Dec 3, 2019 08:00 PM CET
Hosts : Dennis Van Dorp (Belgium) & Kenny Stolpe (Sweden)
Expected duration : 1h
Opportunity for questions at the end
Language: English

If you are interested, simpy login here (Meeting ID: 205 684 360)

Science and technology are now reaching a level where it can free humanity from the slavery of work and money. In a new paradise world all production, services, tools and resources can be provided by new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and nano-fabrication.

All valuable goods that can be efficiently produced without the involvement of human beings can, subsequently, be nationalized. Money will become obsolete since everything can be produced locally and for free.

Paradism is a political system that will help lead us safely through these transformations that humanity is and will be facing thereby providing solid grounds for the construction of a true paradise on Earth.

Paradism will allow each one of us to do what we all love doing: to create, to love, to dance, to discover, to spend more time with our friends and family, to travel, or just to do nothing, anything that gives us joy and pleasure.

In this new world there will be no more need and obligation to serve an economy. Future currency will be solely based on love: what we do in our everyday lives to help humanity feel loved and grow...